Friday, December 16, 2016

About Fionnuala Cat Coordinate

Education- Miraloma Elementary, Denman Middle School
Work- Have never had a job
What I want to be- Photographer or graphic designer
Interests- Dance, gymnastics, reading, swimming, photography,…

About Jocelyn Puppy Consistent

Title: About "Jocelyn Puppy Consistent"
Background: I have attended Longfellow Elementary School and James Denman Middle School
I want to be: A fashion designer or a teacher
Interests: be with my family and friends, photography, reading, dancing

About Brandon Bonobo Enlargement

                                     About Brandon Bonobo Enlargement

I went to Glen Park Elementary and never had a job before.

What I want to be:
I don't really know what I want to be. I've always wanted to be a lawyer but as I got older that idea became less and less attractive. One thing I'm passionate about right now is media so I might want to pursue that in high school and college if I'm still interested in it.

I don't have many interests. On my spare time I play video games like League of Legends and Hearthstone or watch YouTube. If I'm not doing that I'm probably doing crazy things with my friends or sleeping.

About Jiulien Planet Decrease

About planets.
Jiulien Planet Decrease
James Denman Middle school
I volunteered at my elementary school
I want to be a photographer.
Thomas Razor Rates

I went to Longfellow elementary school and James denman middle school.

I want to be a basketball player or a computer person when I grow up.

Do not have any jobs.

My interest are in video games and hobbies.

About Earl Peanut butter Cylinder

Earl Peanut butter Cylinder

Schools that I have attended:
- Sheridan Elementry
- James Denman Middle School

Work I have done:
- Food Bank

Q. What do you want to be when you grow up?
A. I want to be a teacher because I want to teach kids and also my parents want me to be a lawyer too.

Q. Tell us your favorite things to do or hobbies?
A. I like to watch and also to run

About Thwai wen Wolf Variable

Thwai wen Wolf Varible

About me
I go to James denman middle school with my cousins
My favorite animals is a wolf
I cook for my family and I also clean the house I really like to help other people.
My favorite thing to do at home is play the piano
My favorite subject is English and Math (sometime).

About Pizza Area

My name is Pizza Area.
I picked Pizza as my first name because I can draw Pizza and it's really simple to draw.
I picked Area as my last name because I know what Area means and how I could find the area if a circle, rectangle and trapezoid.
I went to Sheridan Elementary School. I'm currently attending James Denman Middle School.
I don't really have a job but sometimes I volunteer and help out. I also used to do my chores.
I want to be a artist when I grow up.
My hobbies are drawing, going on YouTube, eating food.

Hi I'm Hannah fries constant because i had to choose a math term for my last name and for my middle name I had to choose anything like a food.
My elementary that I went to was Sunnyside elementary and I am attending James Denman Middle School.
What I want to be:
I want to be a doctor because that's a good job.
I like to go on social media text my friends and watch Netflix.

About Christopher Speed Absolute Maximum

              Hi I'm Christopher Speed Absolute Maximum because I had to chose a math term and
Speed and Absolute Maximum were the first words that I found in the glossary.My elementary was....and I'm attending James Denman MS.(I don't want to share that)I want to be a someone that change the world because I want to be known for something rather to be forgotten.My hobbies is walking 0.17 miles and sit down for 14 hours and stare at the screen and maybe nap for 3 hours.

My Drawing :

Picture Running the other way?:
Allan Key Exponent

The schools I've attended were Cleveland elementary and now I'm going to James denman . I've done many chores at home such as laundry and dishes which was very helpful for my future . I want to be a doctor or a soccer player because they both seem really cool and help me out a lot . One of my favorite things to do is go play soccer because it gets me in a really calm way and I enjoy playing it because I guess I'm good at it to what others say .

About Jasmin Lilly Acute

Name:Jasmin Lilly Acute
Education: Mission Dolores,  leg.and elementary, James denman.
Work: I worked at a chocolate I volunteered at. I have worked for babysitting, cleaning.
What want to be: I would like to be an actress bcause I love being people who I am not. I like feeling other people emotions. I am very optimistic. And love working with people.
I would also like to be a teacher. I would like to be a teacher because I love children and I am really good with them. I don't know what subject but I don't wanna be a math or English or history I wanna be something were we change the world.
Hobbies: I like going on the internet a lot. I also like going to new places and learn about that place, I love to travel, I love animals and working with them, I like art and spoken word.